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 [Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20

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[Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20 Empty
PostSubject: [Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20   [Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 23, 2009 7:43 pm

Incluye todos los mobs conocidos de territorio Asmodian entre levels 1 a 20.
Toda esta informacion junto con su traduccion son solo un boceto y puede ser erroneo.

!!!Por ello acabaremos con todos para comprobarlo¡¡¡

Level 2 - Squezu Ironfist
Squzeu Ironfist - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Easily soloable. Doesn't drop any sort of neat green or white piece of loot, no social aggro with his patrols.
Notas- Facilmente soleable.

Level 4 - Hulking Pelleru
Hulking Pelleru - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Easily soloable. Patrols counter-clockwise around the big tree in Tunapre Lake. Moos at you.
Notas - Facilmente soleable. Patrulla al reves de las agujas del reloj alrededor de el gran arbol en el Lago Tunapre.

Level 6 - Hammer Hoof Durin
Hammer Hoof Durin - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Easily soloable.
Notas - Facilmente soleable.

Level 8 - Cursed Kberun
Cursed Kberun - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Easily soloable. Patrols around the middle graves in the
Ishalgen Prison camp. Be careful when pulling him so you don't get a
ton of ghost adds.
Notas - Facilmente soleable. Patrulla alrededor de las tumbas en el campamento de la Prision de Ishalgen. Ten cuidado cuando lo pulleas no cojas una tonelada de fantasmas con el.

Level 13 - Gulux
Gulux - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Soloable as ranged with roots/snares. Elite. Hits like a truck.
You'll need a warrior to tank and a healer at least if you're not snare
kiting. Gives a lot of xp but no special loot. Patrols clockwise around
Altgard Fortress.
Soleable a rango con roots/snares. Elite. Mete unas galletas gigantes. Necesitaras un warrior para tankear y un healer al menos si tu no usas kiting en el. Da mucha exp pero nada especial de drop. Patrulla alrededor de la Fortaleza de Altgard.

Level ?? - Gigantic Box
Gigantic Box - NPCs - Aion
Notes - You can only do physical damage to this thing, and you'll deal
1 damage no matter what. He has thousands of hit points but won't
attack back at all, so soloing this would literally take hours. Get 6
people together and go make some food or watch a TV show as you auto
attack. He drops up to 6 green items of level 16 quality.
Notas - Solo se le puede hacer daño fisico y solo recibe 1 de daño de cada golpe. Tiene cientos de puntos de vida pero no ataca, por esto solearlo puede costar literalmente horas. Coje a 6 personas ponlas en autoatack y vete a ver la tele o a comer algo. Dropea hasta 6 items verdes de level 16 de calidad.

Level 13 - Task Force Leader Mohen
Task Force Leader Mohen - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Easily soloable. Patrols along the various camps. You can solo
pull if you're careful on the pull or you'll get 3-4 adds.
Notas - Facilmente soleable. Patrulla alrededor de varios campamentos. Puedes pullearlo solo si eres cuidadoso, sino cogeras 3-4 adds.

Level 17 - Chieftain Manamumumumumumu. Mu.
Chieftain Manumumu - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Soloable with difficulty. Patrols with 2 adds. Can't solo pull,
but you can still burst him down or hit/run to leash his 2 adds and
solo fight him.
Notes - Soleable con dificultad. Patrulla con 2 adds. No se puede pullear solo, pero puedes o acabar con el a saco o golpear/correr para intentar perder sus 2 adds y tener una lucha solo contra el.

Level 17 - Silver Mane Haku
Silver Mane Haku - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Easily soloable. Patrols a little. Rumored to spawn only at night (unconfirmed).
Notas - Facilmente soleable. Patrulla un poco. Se rumorea que aparece solo de noche (No confirmado)

Level 18 - Armored Stoffu
Armored Stoffu - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Easily soloable. Stationary spawn. He'll spawn a few weak adds,
but just burn him down and run away, the adds will reset.
Notas - Facilmente soleable. Aparece en el mismo sitio y no se mueve. Aparece con unos pocos adds facilillos, pero acabando rapidamente con el solo y corriendo despues, los adds se resetean.

Level 18 - Bragging Tokki
Bragging Tokki - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Soloable. Patrols all along the road in Gribade Canyon. Rumored to spawn only in the day (unconfirmed).
Notas - Soleable. Patrulla alrededor de la carretera en el Cañon de Gribade. Se rumorea que solo aparece por el dia (no confirmado).

Level 19 - Blue Wing Naimas
Blue Wing Naimas - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Soloable. Rumored to only spawn at night (unconfirmed).
Notas - Soleable. Se rumorea que aparece solo de noche (no confirmado).

Level 20 - Starraea Deathchill
Starraea Deathchill - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Soloable. Has a cast that hits for a LOT but just hit a potion/heal. Looks like a water spirit and slightly patrols.
Notas - Soleable. Tiene un casteo que golpea muy fuerte pero utilizando pociones va bien. Se parece a un espiritu de agua y patrulla un poco.

Black Claw Village
- all elite and unsoloable. All are able to be fought alone if you leash their adds.
Pueblo Garra Negra - Todos elites y no soleables. Todos pueden ser destruidos si tu neutralizad con cc a sus adds.

Level 17 - Nukaka Quickfist
Nukaka Quickfist - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Does a knockback / power attack. Fighter type.
Notas - Tiene un Knockback / power attack. Tipo luchador.

Level 17 - Clairvoyant Matara
Clairvoyant Matara - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Tank/spank.
Notas - Tanque.

Level 17 - Runkaka of Misery
Runkaka of Misery - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Tank/spank.
Notas - Tanque.

Level 18 - Misty Wind Mubaba
Misty Wind Mubaba - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Casts a few big hitting spells and one AoE. Casts Reflect but it sucks and you can dps through it. Caster type.
Notas - Castea unos pocos hechizos de daño y uno AoE (area). Castea Reflect pero es flojillo y puedes hacerle dps atraves de el. Tipo Mago.

Level 18 - Ruthless Jahama
Ruthless Jahama - NPCs - Aion
Notes - has a pet, but it is non elite and dies in 2 hits. Tank/spank, will ranged you if you try to move her. Ranger type.
Notas - Tiene una pet, pero es un no elite y muere en 2 golpes. Tanque, te atacara a rango si tu te separas de el. Tipo Arquero.

Level 20 - Chieftain Kumbaron
Chieftain Kumbaron - NPCs - Aion
Notes - Hits decently hard. Has a nasty AoE spell, be ready to heal through it, but he doesn't cast it that often. Fighter type.
Notes - Sus golpes son duros. Tiene un odioso hechizo AoE, estate preparado para curarlo, pero el no lo castea muy a menudo. Tipo guerrero.

Source: aionsource

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[Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20 Firmafagorcopy
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[Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20 Empty
PostSubject: runescape gold   [Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20 I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 11:25 am

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[Asmodian] Lista de nameds a matar de level 1-20 / [Asmodian] Rare Spawn list for 1-20
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