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 Values for evades, parries and blocks....

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Values for evades, parries and blocks.... Empty
PostSubject: Values for evades, parries and blocks....   Values for evades, parries and blocks.... I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 28, 2009 2:04 pm

Aion Theorycraft: Accuracy, Block, Parry and Evasion Mechanics


To be able to block, you must have a shield and Block > Accuracy of attacker
To be able to parry, no need to be equipped. However it is necessary that Parry > Accuracy of the attacker
To be able to evade, the only precondition is that Evasion > Accuracy of the attacker
Maximum values

On average, not more than 50% of attacks can be blocked
On average, not more than 40% of attacks can be parried
On average, not more than 30% of attacks can be evaded
Considering Block/Parry/Evasion in isolation

This gives the general formula ( – Accuracy) / 10 for the probability, that must then be checked against above maximum values. Example: If the attacker has 500 Accuracy and the defender 800 Block, then the defender will block (800-500) / 10 = 30 percent of attacks.
Consequently he deduces the maximum probabilities are reached:

For evading: With 300 more Evasion than Accuracy of the opponent.
For parrying: With 400 more Parry than Accuracy of the opponent.
For blocking: With 500 more Block than Accuracy of the opponent.
Interplay of these statistics

Note that Evasion has priority over Parry, and Parry has priority over Block. The game makes a first random drawing to test, if there is an evasion or not, then a second drawing to test parry or not, then a third drawing to test block or not.
Thus when speaking of 40% block chance, we speak of conditional probability: we have 40% chance to block, under the condition of having previously missed the test for evasion, then missed the test for parry.
For example, let evasion chance be 30%, parry chance 40%, and block chance 50%:

Evasion comes first, thus we actually evade in 30% of cases.
In order to parry, the evasion test must have missed (70% probability). In practice: 70% * 40% = 28% of cases.
In order to block, the evasion test must have missed (70% probability), as well as the test for parry (60% probability). Thus block happens in 70% * 60* 50% = 21% of cases.
Consequently in total we have 30% + 28% +21% = 79% probability of the attack being evaded or parried or blocked; Thus 21% probability to suffer from the full force of the attack.

Aion Theorycraft: Magical Resist and Magical Accuracy

Base principle
The pair Magical Resist / Magical Accuracy works in the same manner as the pair Block / Accuracy for instance. Said differently, for each 10 points Magical Resist is superior to Magical Accuracy of the attacker, you gain 1% of probability that the spell will fail/fizzle.
Example: Player A has 500 M.Res and his enemy has 345 M.Acc -> (500 -345) / 10 = 15,5 -> Player A "blocks" spells of his enemy with a 15,5% probability.

Differences for specific spells
The tests the group has done in CBT6 mostly utilize the spell Flame Bolt I, an example for a simple spell that only does damage. In consequence, information concerning this spell are precise and the spell works exactly according to the base principle given above. Evidently it’s also the case for all other spells of this kind, thus a big number of them.
It’s says that other tests have been done in order to measure the precision of the spells Restraint, Sleep, Curse: Tree and Ice Chain (effect of freeze only), but they take an insane amount of time to do, because of the long cool-downs. Less could be done, hence our results are imprecise.
What seems certain, is that their success-rate varies in the same way as for simple spells like Flame Bolt. Said differently, if M.Acc of the attacker increases by 100, then the success-rate also increases by 10% for both cases.
What seems less certain, is the existence or non-existence of a malus/penalty for CC. According to their results, Curse: Tree fizzles 10% more frequently than Flame Bolt. The freeze effect of Ice Chain presumably also. The problem is that we have a lack of measurements on this subject. Therefore it is possibly only a false impression, or the malus could employed in places, where we would not expect them. In brief, the last word is not spoken on CC.

Relevance of level
On top of things said before, level has it’s role to play. One can say that it gives a defense bonus to the target, or an accuracy malus/penalty to the attack – never mind. For what is to follow, let’s just say it is a bonus for the defender. Values found:

Level of Defender Bonus
+2 or less none
+3 100
+4 200
+5 300
+6 400
+7 500
+8 600
+9 700
+10 800

These values translate into an increase of fail-rate by 10%, 20%, 30% etc. of the attacker.

You can see that it has no values for a level difference larger than 10. However, it is certain, that one can’t have a bonus larger than 1000.
The reasoning comes from a test done in last beta: a player of level 1 (very rarely) hits a level 25 player, if the latter has a Magical Resist of 0. This can only be possible for the case effective resistance doesn’t exceed 1000 (taking into account that the attackers M.Accuracy is barely over 0).
All this to say that by logic, one should get a bonus of 900 for 11 levels of difference, later 990 or 1000 (thus 99% or 100%) for even larger differences.

Aion Theorycraft: Crit Rate Mechanics

Criti Rate# hits# criticals%
300 50.000 15485 30.97%
320 50.000 15840 31.68%
340 50.000 16649 33.30%
360 50.000 18045 36.09%
380 50.000 18903 37.81%
400 50.000 20361 40.72%
420 50.000 21058 42.12%
440 50.000 22014 44.03%
460 50.000 21833 43.67%
480 50.000 22328 44.66%
500 50.000 22980 45.96%
520 50.000 24027 48.05%
540 50.000 24367 48.73%
560 50.000 25017 50.03%
580 50.000 25540 51.08%
604 50.000 25921 51.84%
619 50.000 26027 52.05%
634 50.000 26142 52.28%
649 50.000 26344 52.69%

What shines through these results:

from 300 to 440 in Crit Rate, each 10 points increase the probability of landing a critical hit by 1%
from 440 to 600, each each 10 points increase the probability of landing a critical hit by 0,5%
from 600 to 649, each each 10 points increase the probability of landing a critical hit by 0,2%

Aion Theorycraft: Fire/Wind/Water and Earth Resistances

Each 10 points in one of these statistics reduce damage by 1% for the corresponding element. So, for example 40 points in Fire Resistance reduce damage by 4% for damage done by fire balls.
Verified in PvP for values up to 600. No measuring done for PvE, but presumably it should work in the same way.

Aion Theorycraft: Physical Attack and Physical Defense
Base calculation: Very simple. Take the physical attack of the attacker and subtract from it a tenth of physical defense of the defender. Example: Attack=140 ; Defense = 500 -> average damage equal to 140 – (500 / 10) = 90 HP
Specific rules for PvE: Depending on the level difference between the player and monster, you suffer a malus/penalty for physical attack.
These are partially confirmed values:

Level of the enemy Malus/Penalty +2 or less none +3 10% +4 20% +5 30% +6 40% +7 50% +8 60% +9 70% +10 80% Caution: Everything worked exactly like for magic within the tests that has been done, thus we built on these results, and even gives the same table, hence mistakes are a possibility.
In contrast, what is certain is, that this malus/penalty applies before considering physical defense. Let’s reuse the previous example and assume a monster of 4 levels above player’s level. First apply the malus/penalty: 140 * (1 – 20%) = 112 and then take into account defense 112 – (500 / 10) = 62 HP.
Specific rules for PvP: You do 60% of base damage. Note that the tests have been done facing a player having 0 defense. In consequence he can’t know for now, if the malus/penalty is applied before of after taking into account defense, which in turn can change a lot of things…

Aion Theorycraft: Magic Boost

Increases the power of magical attacks, but be careful on what you call magical attack: the power of the Spiritmaster’s skill Energy of Fire for example, is not affected by Magic Boost. The increase of power is calculated as follows:

Look at the damage number from a skill (e.g. 402 for a Fire Harpoon I)
Divide Magic Boost by 12, which gives bonus damage (e.g. for 360 Magic Boost, 360 /12 = 30%)
In our example we do a base damage of 402 * (1 + 0,3) = 522 HP if rounding down
It is uncertain about rounding in this calculation, but it lies within a margin of 1 HP, so it will always give correct results. Caution on following points:

Remember that calculation above is base damage, A lot of mobs and players have magical resistances that will reduce damage.
Damage of certain spells, like Erosion, Flame Cage and Delayed Blast are dependent on vitality of the monster, and this fact isn’t mentioned anywhere. If the monster has 10 HP left, then Delayed Blast will only make the monster lose 10 HP and the same is valid for secondary attacks of (only) Erosion and Flame Cage. We’re convinced there are plenty of spells with this same behavior, but does not know them all.
It has been verified calculations for 1169 Magic Boost with a test he found here. For values above he has no certitude. There appears to be a cap at 1200, but he does not know what exactly happens there.
Specific to PvP only: Damage done is 60% of damage calculated above.
Specific to PvE only: Damage done no longer depends on Magic Boost only, but also on the level difference between the attacker and targeted monster. The higher the monster’s level is, the less damage done. Confirmed values:

Level difference Malus/Penalty
+2 or less none
+3 10%
+4 20%
+5 30%
+6 40%
+7 50%
+8 60%
+9 70%
+10 80%


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Values for evades, parries and blocks....
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