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 Legion ranks

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PostSubject: Legion ranks   Legion ranks I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 11:52 pm

Legions (Guilds)

During my time playing, I had a chance to delve into the Legion functionality with some of my guys on the NA and Chinese versions. My first beef is that Aion only allows 3 different ranks for your legion members, and these rank titles can’t seem to be changed. While you can set permissions for each of the 3 ranks, you can’t have 2 people be the highest rank. In MMO guilds like mine where there are 2 leaders, this is somewhat disappointing and inconvenient. The current version I played during the NA weekend and Chinese also only allow 10 characters for your legion name, which I find unnecessarily restrictive. Since my guild’s name is 11 letters long, I can only fit “Inquisitio”. This forces us to abbreviate ourselves to INQ, and I am sure other MMO guilds will have to do the same unless the newer version updates we haven’t played yet increase the character limit.

Legion ranks Emblemh

Aion legions also have levels like some other MMOs like EQ2 and WAR. Unlike its predecessors, Aion only has three levels for legions. Upgrading your legion to level 2 requires having 10 people on your roster, and a payment of around 120,000 gold. Once you upgrade, you will have roster limit increased from 30 to 60 maximum members, although in my opinion the fact that there is one at all strikes me as silly. Once you upgrade, you can also customize a guild emblem for your cloak. There are only a dozen emblems, but you can pick any background color you can imagine. You can also change your guild emblem at any time if you so chose for a small fee.

Legion ranks Sexyaho

The one really good aspect of Aion’s legion system is if you are able to upgrade to level 3. Level 3 requires a higher roster count and around 1.2 million gold, which is not as bad as it sounds on paper given how much money I was making. Any decent size guild should have no trouble getting this cash together if everyone kicks in a bit of cash. At level 3, the limitations of the emblem system redeem itself by letting you put your own design. This means you can literally use any graphic or logo you want to represent your guild. During my playing I managed to see some pretty interesting logos as seen in the above screenshot. Overall I think there is room for improvement in the legion functionality, but specialized level 3 emblems make for an awesome feature.

SOURCE: http://www.mmocrunch.com


resumiendo :

hay 3 nivees de legion:

R 1- solo admite 30 miembros y puedes pillarte el emblema basico, y eso es lo que hay

R 2- necesitas 10 tios en la legion y pagar 120.000 . entonces pasas de tener 30 como numero maximo de miembros a 60. ademas puedes cambiar ya tu emblema de la capa de entre 12 y el color de fondo.

R 3- necesitas mas gente (supongo ke mas de 30 o 60,...no lo se...) y pagar 1.200.000. en este rango empieza lo bueno, pues puedes cambiar el emblema de la legion en la capa POR EL DISEƑO KE TU KIERAS desde tu pc Smile .... ese tito preparando el LOGO Razz

pos ale Smile

Legion ranks Hiriusfirmabuena
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PostSubject: Re: Legion ranks   Legion ranks I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2009 9:12 pm

Hirius will you make us a supercool logo??? I want something scary but pretty!!! Think gothic!!! And no kiss marks... *shudder*
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Legion ranks
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