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 Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part

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PostSubject: Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part   Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 8:40 pm

Aviso: Esta es una información SOLO para aquellos que quieran buscar los más mínimos detalles sobre como funciona un Sorcerer en el PvP, y cómo sacarle el mejor partido viendo las conclusiones a las que han llegado otros.

“La mejor experiencia SIEMPRE es la propia”, aunque esto os puede orientar Wink


Sorcerer PvP

Source: T3h P0w4rb00k for info, AionArmory for skill names in English

This is a list of how-to-fight different classes for the version 1.2. There are articles for each of the classes. As of right now (June 28, 2009) there are guides for Templar, Gladiator, Sorcerer, and Cleric, others are still in process.

PC = members of Opposing Factions (Elyos, Asmodians, Balaur)

Note, AionArmory´s Database is from 1.0 so skills from it has lower damage value than the 1.2´s actual values (Korean Powerbook values are higher)

Tips from Player 중독된 보이, Server 페렌토, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Using the Chat If you look in the chat tabs theres a tab named Combat. Take that out to another place in ur UI, go into options, click on Combat . Third, uncheck everything else, make the font colored Red, then click Change

PS: I’d check only Enemy NPC info, theres like 4 of them.

Second, Aions Utility Damage Class, Sorcerer

Sorcerer PvP

Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part 1f673ac27cf3c13b1f843db5

They possess the most diverse skill line out of all the classes in Aion.

They have many skills that shut down enemies as well as ones that deliver tremendous damage.
However, their HP is very low, and their robes provide little defense, will often get killed by attackers.

Despite this weakness, players have brought out secret abilities hidden within the Sorcerer profession, and those players have become the some of the best at PvP.

They have understood their own skills well, seen what their opponents do when confronted with these skills, and have witnessed their reactions as well. They were gracious enough to put these experiences into this manual.

Tips from Player 베베, Server Kidorun, Used to have 쭉빵그녀 as main

Most important thing to have is a complete understanding of the skills you currently possess.
Also, in air battles, use Flame Cage I - Skills – Aion often. Stacks quite often if you consider the Major Flight time scroll´s duration. Also, don´t forget Summon Cold Air I - Skills – Aion and Grace of Protection, VERY useful.

PS: Cannot find Grace of Prot in AionArmory, (best I got, AionArmory doesn´t have and its complicated to translate) skill lvl 28 minimum 352 mana, 10 min recharge, for 5 seconds, you block all melee attacks and your Stun, Knock back, Stumble, Rotation, and Aerial Thrust resistance values increases by 1000.

PvP Sorcerer´s keyboard setting
Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part 8faaa152a23856ad83fef7ea

For a class that has very low HP, many times a Sorcerer´s PvP will be decided within a very short time.

To recover and counter attack requires fast reaction and decisions! For this you need a good keyboard setting and skill placement.

Tips from Player 민영공주, Server Kidorun, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Best to place skills that can be used while moving in keys Q,E,T,G whereas spells that needs casing time can be put on F1-F10 and the number keys. The DP should be placed at CTRL + 1. Consumables you should use your mouse to activate.

Its very hard to have every skill put into the number keys and F1-F10. Because while you are moving, if you want to use an instant cast skill, you need to use your mouse or put your fingers away from your Movement keys. So its best to put those instant cast into Q E T G Middle Mouse Click CAPSLOCK and Shift+
Summon Cold Air I - Skills - Aion: Q or E, most often used skill! You need to keep moving after you cast this spell. In the abyss, when you meet a pro gosu, you have to run like hell. And when you lose direction because of it, use this spell to find where he is!: Severe Cold I - Skills - Aion
Q or E, or very close to it.
: Dimension Door I - Skills - Aion
Scrollwheel mouse click (middle mouse click)
Restraint of Winter I - Skills - Aion:
T or G rather than number keys! Its more comfortable that way.
DP skill: You don´t use it often, and you need to be able to use it quick, so CTRL + 1 or 2 would do.

PvP Gear Setting

Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part D333b018e37f6d54a7368d6c

Tips from Player Mebby, Server Spatalos, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Defensive Gear: To become the top notch 1% player, you must have Abyss gear with HP or Magical Resistance bonus set + Magical Boosting Power bonus set. Using a macro, when you are fighting Glads or Temps you switch to the Magical Boosting set, then when you are done back to the HP set. You should have 8k HP, 1350 Magical Resistance, 1200 Magical Accuracy, 1250 Magical Boosting Power would be good.
Godstones: Out of 1% and 2% damage stones, I think 1% is better.

Tips from Player 중독된 보이, Server 페렌토, Lvl 50, Asmodian

Defensive Gear: HP, Mboost, Concentration and even 1 more socketable gear (Abyss Gear would be good) Speed 22%+ Boots/ ASPD gloves are needed as well.
Weapons: HP, Mboost, MAcc, and/or ASPD+ books. I trust that everyone knows why Sorcs need ASPD + (It gives casters faster spell motion, meaning lower aftercast delay).
Manastones: Magical Resistance seemed best to me.
To avoid being killed by Assassins, you need to avoid their stunning ability. Magical Resistance is helpful against them. I used buffs to get my hp upto 7k, but after experimenting, Magical Resistance was better against Assassins than HP.
GodStones: I´d like to recommend 1% or 2% damage stones. Blind/silence/paralysis ones are too expensive, and compared to dual wielders you cant wait for the godstone effect to kick in. And with the exception of Paralysis, if you Blind/Silence assassins, they can just run and wait for the effect to expire, and too fast to catch them as well.

PvP Stigma

PS: Its not in the guide, I had to find one on the list of comments because this section was somehow excluded? but the comment comes from one of the commenters on most of the sections tho. Also, couldn?t find any list for Asmo.

Tips from Player 프리샤 and Mebby Lvl 50s

The absolutely needed stigmas are
Baizel's Wisdom I - Skills - Aion
Curse: Tree I -Skills - Aion
Boon of Quickness I - Skills - Aion
(Asmodian) (I'd go with Jikel's Wisdom myself tho, shorter recharge)
Rest can be any of these, depending on your preference
Barrier of Severance I - Skills – Aion
Ice Sheet I - Skills - Aion

Volcanic Explosion (not in AionArmory, stigma version of Volcanic Eruption I - Skills- Aion , with stronger damage. AionArmory´s damage for this skill is misleading, the non-stigma version has at least 3x+ damage, and the stigma has 4x+ damage) .

PvP in the Field

Many opinions stated that in ground battles, Assassin?s Ambush I - Skills - Aion was the most annoying of them all.
It has come to a point where ground battles = battle against assassins for Sorcerers.
Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part 931b0aa31086032b7411d17d

Tips from Player 마리, Server Jikel, Lvl 50, Elyos

When you fight ground battles, the most fearful class is Assassin. Ambush + Aerial Thrust = wings folded.
Use Robe of Cold I - Skills - Aion when you are up against one. Makes running and fighting easier.
When an assassin uses Ambush on you, just bash on that Dimension Backdoor key!
Well, if it finishes before that, nothing to say? But if the door triggers, he?ll have lost target. Use your snare on him. Once this happens, most assassins will use Contract of Evasion or Focused Evasion (both skills evade magical attacks) once that happens, don?t panic! Use a cheap DOT skill, + another instant cast if he used contract, then use shutdown condition, followed by Aerial Thrust and most sins are done.
If AT fails? then use the usual technique, shutdown condition then burst damage. .

................................................. (continue in the next post)


Recopilando para el PVP
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Sorcerer in PvP 1st Part
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